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Financing equipment can be complicated and intimidating, especially if it’s your first time.
Here’s what you need to know to get through it with ease, from understanding finance options and contracts to what to expect at the dealership.

Dealership Experience

Everyone’s situation is different!!

Our customer finance options are built to meet your unique needs that will keep a new tractor or zero-turn mower in your budget.
From flexible payment options and the industry’s most competitive financing rates – Cosper Tractor LLC has many financial loan options available to meet our customers needs.

Do not forget to check your local bank or credit union for finance interest rates.
Shop for the best deal!!!

Standard “LOW RATE” financing.

More times than not the best financial deal,
just a standard annuitized loan (Principle-Rate-Time).
Manufacturer has made an agreement with a  
finance company for a below prime lending rate.
Take the lowest cash price for the equipment you can get
and the “standard” low rate finance to get the lowest end cost
of the purchase.

Generally 2-5% lower interest rate than what banks
are offering on unsecured loans.


Keep your eye out for 0% same as cash financing,
these are potentially really good financing deals!!!

Watch out for those “pre-approved” and “get financed now” deals!!!

Be sure you know who you are sending your personal information to!!!

0% Finance.

If customer intends to make the set payment
schedule for the term of the loan this may or may not
be the best deal.
Definitely worth looking at!!
Interest on the loan (the REBATES!) is added to the cash price
of the equipment and total is divided by the term of the loan.
You are still paying the interest and why
the cash price and 0% price are different.
They just added the interest on the loan to the selling price
of the equipment.

Generally a better deal for them than for you and that is why
some brands only offer 0% financing.
Manufacturer is guaranteed to get the full interest on the loan
(the REBATES) even if you pay the loan off early.
The consumer now pays sales tax on the interest of the loan,
the insurance cost is now more due to price of the equipment
increasing and if you pay the loan off early you don’t get any
unused interest back as a stand loan would.
Better deal for them than you, eh???

Buying down the interest.

Basically the same as 0% except only a portion of the interest
is added to the price of the equipment.
You still are paying the interest on the loan except a portion 
of the interest is added to the cash price of the machine.
Not really gaining anything here but it sure sounds attractive.

Variable Rate Financing.

Sounds good BUT…..!!
Introductory rate is generally really low BUT in the
future interest rate will vary depending on the US financial markets.
Interest rate on your loan might
go up….might not!
Possible good financial deal if one has a knack
for predicting future finance markets.
Variable interest rates generally have a “cap” written into
the contract on maximum interest the finance company
can raise the loan too.


Looking for a credit application?
We do NOT accept applications over the phone, fax or email to prevent the opportunity of identity theft.
We do NOT want someone using your good name to commit identity theft!!

Stop by Cosper Tractor LLC for an application, bring your government Identification!

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